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Is Acer Customer Service Good?

Acer's help administrations were among the best a year ago, yet top-positioning administration is difficult to keep up, and Acer's different channels for help didn't satisfy our desires this year. While live help work force were constantly gracious and each road for help was in the long run responsive, the help encounter was tormented with inadequate answers and ignorant faculty.

Acer's help benefits still brag a valuable self improvement site - Acer Answers - and you can achieve bolster agents by means of telephone, email, live webchat and even through Facebook and Twitter. A large number of these alternatives, including telephone benefit, are accessible every minute of every day amid the underlying guarantee time frame, and at no time was I forced to utilize a paid help benefit or upsold on membership administrations or new equipment.

Be that as it may, in spite of the various settings for help, I kept running into a few issues. Significant issues like the Meltdown and Specter vulnerabilities were totally unfamiliar to each illustrative I inquired. In addition, I was over and over given poor or insufficient counsel on the theme, and in one case was guaranteed help that never came.

Web and Social Media Support

Given Acer's solid execution a year ago, I needed to perceive how well it took care of my most troublesome help question: "How would I shield my workstation from Meltdown and Specter?"

Lamentably, Acer Answers – the essential hotspot for finding your own technical support answers – didn't have much to state on the issue. Basically making my inquiry as stated pulled up a discussion connect where another person made a comparable inquiry and never found an agreeable solution.

Changing my inquiry to scan for just Meltdown, I found a solitary help article that tended to the new helplessness. That one article clarifies somewhat about the genuine issues and why they represent a security chance, however the direction on the most proficient method to ensure oneself was deficient bigly: There are no connects to accessible programming refreshes or fixes, only some discourse of which Acer models are influenced and whether a fixed BIOS adaptation is accessible. Prominently truant are any connects to these patches, with no discourse of different updates to firmware or drivers.

On the off chance that there are patches accessible from Acer to shield clients from Meltdown and Specter, I was not able discover them utilizing the offered help apparatus.

Web Chat

Acer's web visit opens with an expected hold up time, which disclosed to me the normal sit tight for a delegate was 2 minutes and 56 seconds. I needed to hold up just 15 seconds before Oscar C. got at stake to enable me to discover answers to my inquiries. He kicked things off by affirming my workstation demonstrate (an Acer Swift 3) and serial number, and afterward assembling my name and telephone number.

Oscar did his best to be useful, yet guided me to an article on Acer's site that locations an alternate Intel security blemish. The article offered me firmware and driver patches for a comparable sounding Intel Management Engine issue, however not for the particular issues of Meltdown and Specter I had gotten some information about. This disarray may be reasonable, since I didn't get the perplexity myself until doing further research a few days after the fact, however one would trust that Acer's own particular help faculty could share answers for the issues you get some information about.

When I got some information about a portion of the data on the site – what the distinction was between the recorded connects to firmware and the driver refreshes – he couldn't reveal to me which was which. He told me that I expected to introduce both, so I assume I would have wound up legitimately secured (however not from the vulnerabilities I had gotten some information about), if not educated. He took an entire 10 minutes to discover a response to this inquiry.


Next, I chose to attempt Acer's web-based social networking channels to check whether they could offer responses to this same inquiry. I likewise asked a basic help question through Facebook, to the AcerUSA account. I presented my inquiry at 1:42pm on a weekday, requesting that how empower Cortana and set it to react to the "Hello Cortana" trigger expression. I sent the inquiry through Facebook Messenger.

I got a reaction after over 60 minutes (1:09), which gave me a connection to Acer's help pages, guiding me to a general look for Cortana. The outcomes page offered articles tending to my concern, however I was left to my own particular gadgets to make sense of which was which.


Connecting with Acer through Twitter was an activity in disappointment. My inquiry was straightforward, requesting that how turn the console backdrop illumination on and off for my Acer Swift 3 PC. I made a point to indicate my model of workstation keeping in mind the end goal to lessen any disarray about the appropriate response. I sent my inquiry to the @AcerAmerica account in a matter of seconds before 12:00 MST, expecting a snappy, compact reaction inside a couple of minutes.

I didn't get a reaction for almost four hours, and the reaction I got was scarcely useful: A modest bunch of connections to the Acer Support site - the dialect determination page, not the principle help page - alongside a different connection for Chromebook help (which my Windows PC didn't require) and a connection to the "Contact Acer" page to achieve bolster through telephone or live talk. At no time did they offer any answer for my concern, in spite of the arrangement being a basic console easy route.

Telephone Support

Each telephone call to client bolster puts you through to a mechanized noting framework before sending you on to a human help rep. Before moving you along to the assistance procedure, the framework requests that you enter a 12-digit SNID, a one of a kind identifier for the PC or other gadget. After your underlying call to the help line, the framework will perceive your telephone number and inquire as to whether you're calling about a similar gadget, shortening the procedure by a couple of minutes.

A while later, the framework requests that you talk a short expression to clarify your concern. The computerized framework is generally quite brisk at diagnosing what kind of issue you need to get help with, narrowing down the issue from a voice incite to issues of equipment, programming, gadgets and different choices. This procedure more often than not takes one moment or two.

In my first call, I addressed a lady named Amber. I approached her for direction in empowering Cortana on my Acer PC, and how I could influence Cortana to react to the "Hello Cortana" voice provoke. The rep misconstrued me at to begin with, and thought I needed to cripple the capacity. Gratefully, she gave me a chance to clear up.

After around 5 minutes on hold, Amber returned. She at that point strolled me through a Windows alternate way to open Cortana, and afterward demonstrated to me where the settings could be found to connect Cortana to my Windows account. In spite of the fact that this let me get to Cortana, it didn't really answer my inquiry concerning empowering the component long haul, or empowering the "Hello Cortana" voice incite.

The whole call kept going 12 minutes and 42 seconds.

For my second call, I requested help turning the backdrop illumination on my console on and off. While this is a basic issue, Acer's utilization of committed capacity keys marked just with little (once in a while enigmatic) symbols makes it a sensible worry for any client. The agent I addressed had a solid emphasize, and I think she said her name was Katya, however it was to some degree hard to comprehend her.

In the wake of disclosing to her my inquiry and checking my 12-digit SNID, she put me on hold for 2 minutes. At that point she strolled me through the committed capacity keys of the workstation, demonstrating to me proper methodologies to utilize the Function key and F9 to flip the console backdrop illumination on and off. It was brisk and straightforward, and was done inside a traverse of about a moment. The entire call took 6:56.

My third and last call to telephone bolster was made around 9 o'clock at night on a weekday. I offered the most troublesome conversation starter on this call, requesting that how shield my PC from the as of late found Specter and Meltdown vulnerabilities. I anticipated that this call would last longer than others and to be more included, essentially because of the idea of the demand and what I thought about the arrangement. I was set up for that, yet it appears the emotionally supportive network was most certainly not.

The robotized framework couldn't make sense of what I was alluding to by Specter and Meltdown. Regardless of how often I said "I need to shield my workstation from Specter and Meltdown," it would request that I affirm totally irrelevant solicitations. "Did you say, 'I'm experiencing difficulty associating with the web?'" No, I didn't. "Is this an issue with your console, mouse or webcam?" Nope.

After a few mistaken endeavors to make sense of what I required, it kicked me over to a live individual.

When I got a human hanging in the balance, it wasn't greatly improved. My client benefit rep, Junior, did his best to be useful, however he obviously had no clue what Specter and Meltdown were. I got put on hold for the standard thing "2 minutes," yet my hold time extended well past the 2-minute check. After six minutes, he returned hanging in the balance.

When he returned, he at any rate had some thought of what I was discussing, however he attempted to clarify the requirement for programming and BIOS refreshes. At last, he said he would email me directions for taking care of my concern.

He took my email address, and afterward the line went quiet. At 12 minutes and 31 seconds into the call, I got cut off, successfully finishing the call a bit rashly. In other telephone bolster encounters I've had, benefit reps got back to re-build up contact or affirm that the call has finished. For this situation, I sat tight for a few minutes and got no call.

More imperative, I never got an email, despite the fact that I had given my email address, and various accommodating articles can be found on Acer's client bolster pages.

Guarantee Information

Acer secures the larger part of its PCs and tablets with a standard one-year guarantee, however a few items -, for example, Acer's Predator gaming items or TravelMate business PCs - may accompany an a few year guarantee. So ensure you check what the guarantee time frame is for your own item before discounting a 13-month-old item.

At whatever point I called bolster administrations for my test workstation (which I had not acquired myself), I was requested a buy date, which I was not able give. Presenting that it was a blessing to me, the reps reliably verified that the workstation was under guarantee, with one rep accommodatingly disclosing to me how long I had left on my guarantee scope. You can likewise look into this data online through Acer's site to decide if your gadget is as yet secured.

Service agreements can likewise be bought to extend the scope an extra one, a few years. For my Swift 3 workstation, a one-year augmentation costs $59.99, a two-year design offers for $89.99 and a three-year design goesfor $129.99.

You can likewise get this scope with an extra mishap assurance design: a two-year guarantee with mischance insurance design costs $139.99, while a three-year design with included mischance security costs $189.99. Make certain to look through the greater part of your guarantee alternatives when purchasing an expanded arrangement, since they aren't introduced in a clear request.

Main concern

At last, Acer's technical support alternatives flip-slumped amongst accommodating and frustratingly pointless. In all actuality, we approached them with some troublesome inquiries, yet given that Specter and Meltdown are a portion of the greatest security openings known, it should make sense that technical support faculty would at any rate have known about these issues and have the capacity to locate the related help materials for these sorts of inquiries. Rather, we got reps who bungled answers when given the subject; who were conflicting in providing bolster materials accordingly, and, in one case, who flopped totally to finish in giving help.

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