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Choosing the Best Women All-Mountain Skis

How Do I Choose?

To start with, consider your skiing style, capacity, and territory inclination. Do you jump at the chance to journey groomers, or would you like to hit the lofty off-piste runs? Do you like tight, smart turns, or enormous, flowy curves? It is safe to say that you are a bunch of-one sort of lady or do you need a real quiver?

The old Atomic Vantage Elysian has a combination of sidewall and cap construction; the sidewall under the binding for added edge control and the cap on the tip and tail for weight and cost savings.

Pick an all-mountain ski for your quiver or as your bunch of-one.

The vast majority of our analyzers who ski 50+ days a year have a quiver that incorporates an all-mountain show for a considerable length of time when there isn't a foot of new powder. A run of the mill tremble comprises of a couple of early season shake sticks, an all-mountain combine (or a few that have diverse fortes), and powder sheets. To round out the quiver, toss in a backwoods combine!

The One Ski Quiver

In the event that you intend to possess one sets of skis, you'll need a setup that gets you down the mountain in solace and style in all conditions. Contingent upon where and how you shred, it very well may overpower locate a solitary setup that works for you. Our survey finds your ideal board and de-bewilders the purchasing procedure for you, addressing skiers who need a bunch of-one that can venture to every part of the whole resort.

The All-Mountain Category

All-mountain models are made for simply that—skiing everywhere throughout the mountain. Contingent upon the maker you reference, this class can be designated "all-mountain" or "freeride." These are resort models, however they ought to likewise change from groomers to off-piste well. These contenders cover a gigantic range. When all is said in done, an all-mountain show endeavors to do everything: cutting turns on groomers, staying stable at speed, and gliding in powder.

Ladies' Specific

The majority of the items incorporated into this audit are female-particular. This implies makers have considered female structure while they outline. These models are frequently shorter, with milder flex, since ladies are commonly shorter with less weight to toss around. This outline makes them less demanding for generally women. Be that as it may, contingent upon the maker, a women's model may very well mean a prettier best sheet and a shorter length. Different makers convey gentler flex in a simpler model. Numerous female specialists purchase unisex models since they accept there isn't a women's-particular ski that charges like the men's.

The Volkl Aura is an exemption to this run the show. It's the hardest charging model for ladies that we have found. Other female-particular highlights for '17-'18 incorporate makers trying to help up their items while looking after firmness. Bits of included carbon in the new Rossignol Soul 7 HD Ws and Blizzard Black Pearl 98 make lighter-weight turning machines, similar to the new K2 FulLUVit 95 and super fun Elan Ripstick 94 W. We examine what makers do to equip their items to the female purchaser in the individual item audits.

A gathering of female analyzers skiing on a tempest day. Ladies' models are currently accessible for all sizes and skier capacities. They normally are shorter come in milder flexes and have a more focal prescribed mounting point.

A gathering of female analyzers skiing on a tempest day. Ladies' models are presently accessible for all sizes and skier capacities. They commonly are shorter, come in gentler flexes, and have a more focal prescribed mounting point.

These models were assessed by analyzers from various foundations, from teachers to enormous mountain chargers to women who stick to blue squares. The models we tried have a place at the resort. They're intended for utilize while lapping lifts and are not lightweight backwoods models. We contrasted them head-with head in round-robin days and on a gathering testing end of the week close Lake Tahoe. We additionally utilized them for quite a long time for both work and play at Mammoth Mountain, California.

The 2016-17 testing lineup it was extremely difficult to pick our most loved for the current year.

The 2016-17 testing lineup, it was extremely difficult to pick our most loved for the current year.

We clarify the subtle elements of our testing procedure in our How We Test article. Likewise, find out about our identity and how we went to an accord on the conclusions in this audit. Besides, reference our reward glossary of terms in the event that you are dazed about the various approaches to portray snow conditions.

A portion of our committed ladies analyzers out for a tear on Mammoth Mountain.

A portion of our committed ladies analyzers out for a tear on Mammoth Mountain.

Outlines differ in this classification—some are more suited for remaining on-piste yet have enough width to deal with themselves on delicate tempest day snow, similar to the Head Great Joy. Others have fat abdomens and less sidecut for people who lean toward off-piste powder yet need something that can ride groomers in the middle of powder stashes. The Blizzard Black Pearl and Volkl Aura are contenders with this bowed. These are your one-sets tremble. Jill-of-all-exchanges boards, they are a magnificent decision for somebody who just has the financial plan or space for only one sets of sticks.

Ski makers are bosses of throwing language, made-up terms, and advertising dialect. In this article, we'll enable you to slice through the lighten and get to the core of what everything implies. Don't know what "Flipcore" or "AirTip" Technology is? Neither do we truly - , yet we recognize what's imperative with regards to picking the correct ski for you.

In the event that you invest the vast majority of your energy at resorts, picking the item, you will invest the majority of your opportunity in can be overwhelming. To begin with, you have to choose what class you are most inspired by. In the event that you are investing the majority of your energy in the prepared runs and trails, pick an on-piste or frontside demonstrate, which will be better at cutting and making turns on hardpack. On the off chance that you just arrangement to get out when it has dumped a foot or a greater amount of snow, you should buy a powder show that will keep you above water in the new.

On the off chance that you need the best of the two universes, and need to voyage the prepared runs and get off the trails into the knocks and powder — an all-mountain model will be the best fit for you. Under the wide mark of all-mountain, there are as yet numerous items to look over. In the event that you definitely recognize what estimate you need to buy however are uncertain which model to choose, look at our full Women's All-Mountain Review.

An awesome ski for the entire mountain the Great Joys will take you where you need to go.

An awesome ski for the entire mountain, the Great Joys will take you where you need to go.

What Style Should You Choose?

Despite the fact that this audit centers exclusively around all-mountain models, there are various sorts of sheets available. Here we quickly depict the different kinds so you can see where the all-mountain models fit into the commercial center.

On the off chance that you just turn out for freshies pick something with a more extensive midriff and loads of tip rocker like the Rossignol Soul 7 HD W.

On the off chance that you just turn out for freshies, pick something with a more extensive midriff and loads of tip rocker, similar to the Rossignol Soul 7 HD W.


This classification incorporates items that are a stage down in width and a stage up in side cut from the all-mountain classification, and these are at times alluded to as front side loads up. These models are intended for ladies who plan to remain on the prepped runs throughout the day and might need to play around cutting tight pivots some bamboo — however have no enthusiasm for skiing the harsh stuff. Fairweather skiers, this is the classification for you.


A thin race-particular model intended for cutting alongside a fatter all-mountain display from our test the Salomon Q-96 Lumen.

A thin race-particular model intended for cutting by a fatter all-mountain show from our test, the Salomon Q-96 Lumen.

Hustling models are substantially skinnier, more costly, and intended for specific purposes. On the off chance that you need to go quick in cold conditions and are occupied with getting on the Super G or Giant Slalom courses, do some exploration and get yourself a couple of hustling boards. These models are extremely directed in light of the fact that typically, just focused racers utilize them.

Enormous Mountain

Numerous specialists go after a major mountain display when they're going for a major outing. These are generally more and stiffer and with loads of camber. They can drive through anything they're pointed at. Getting dropped off by a heli at the highest point of a mountain in Alaska to tear a few spines? Get a major mountain combine.


This class has changed a considerable measure over the most recent ten years. You will discover these models with regularly expanding midsection measurements and rocker. They will dependably have more prominent than a 100 mm midsection with a short powerful edge and heaps of rocker. They are not the best on-piste and will regularly feel like snow-sharp edges on prepared runs in light of the fact that so little of the edges contact the snow. On the off chance that you are searching for an awesome expansion to your quiver and envision a great deal of pow-destroying, powder boards beyond any doubt are fun in their component.

The Rossignol Soul 7 drifts like a fantasy over new powder.

The Rossignol Soul 7 skims like a fantasy over crisp powder.

Day off

In the event that you need to resemble the dorkiest individual on the mountain, get snow sharp edges (Also known as Snoller Blades). Shockingly, however, they're an incredible instrument for learning knock skiing procedures and also traps in the recreation center. Simply ensure you sport a 80's onesie while on them and wear them through the cabin on your feet for extra chuckles. Try not to take them out on a powder day.


Contingent upon the maker, these can likewise be called free-form or jib skis. Somewhat skinnier in the midsection and generally focus mounted for riding switch, stop models are intended for, well, the recreation center. Ordinarily they are twin tipped and have a milder flex for gentler arrivals. On the off chance that you lean toward hucking your meat off of hops and rails throughout the day, a recreation center model might be for you.


Another developing business sector over the most recent ten years or somewhere in the vicinity, backwoods models are intended to be taken outside of the resort. These arrive in an assortment of shapes and sizes, yet weight is one of the fundamental concerns. On the off chance that you will be climbing in the backwoods, you'll need a lightweight setup. They frequently have a lightweight center and are combined with a coupling that enables the foot sole area to be free for the move up. Boondocks particular models regularly trade off the declining execution marginally for being lighter weight, so they are not suggested for resort skiing. Look at our and Backcountry Review for data about which ones perform best outside the resort limit. We think the Icelantic Oracle 88 could be a decent decision for the boondocks.


This is a totally unique class that isn't intended for the declining by any means. These models don't have metal edges and are significantly skinnier and lighter than any snow capped model. They are intended to be taken to your neighborhood Nordic focus and utilized on prepped trails. They are mounted with negligible ties that enable your foot rear area to lift as you walk or skate along.

Why Choose a Women's Model?

There is some contention around ladies' particular skis, on the grounds that numerous ladies are not intrigued by the "recoil it and pink it" technique for item outline, and are more inspired by genuine execution. A few makers simply make their ladies' rendition shorter and with more female designs. In any case, generally, makers do focus on ladies' needs, physiology, and capacities, and they have created tweaked items that are truly more proper for females. A few subtle elements that are thought about when planning a ladies' particular ski are: length, flex, suggested mounting point, and illustrations.

Our Lady analyzers preparing to shred!

Our Lady analyzers preparing to shred!

Most ladies' particular models are made in shorter lengths, up to around 175-180 cm or shorter. We were astounded to find that we were on the longest length accessible of a portion of the models we tried. Shorter models are simpler to turn and control, yet regularly don't execute too at speed or in profound snow.


Ladies are commonly lighter than men. At the point when a ski has a hardened flex, it requires a great deal of intensity and weight to transform and delve into the snow. With for the most part less weight behind our capacity, ladies may profit by a somewhat milder item that they can toss their weight onto and rail into turns. Numerous makers make ladies' adaptations in milder flexes than the male proportionate, and this is to some degree argumentative with women that have propelled aptitudes since they can turn and handle firm models simply like the folks. The Volkl Aura is the stiffest ladies' model we tried, and most appropriate for master skiers.

Prescribed Mounting Point

Women have more back weight in their athletic positions (our focal point of gravity is bring down around our hips, versus upper middle in men). A few makers have understood this and have moved their prescribed mounting directs nearer toward the center (longwise) to bring the more prominent back weight forward for better control. We saw the distinction when contrasting where the ties were mounted on different models with comparative lengths. The K2 FulLUVit 95 ties were significantly more focal than on the Blizzard Black Pearls and maybe along these lines, we found the K2 substantially less demanding to move. The Atomic Vantage 95 C additionally felt short, fun, and turny on the grounds that the ties are to some degree all the more halfway mounted, making turning simple.

The young ladies talk shop on the seat.

The young ladies talk shop on the seat.


Alright, we know this is a piece of the "pink it," yet we lean toward the designs on a ladies' form. They are generally ostentatious as well as astute. The greater part of us extremely like the K2 FulLUVit's illustrations since they are garish and splendid.

Accept the only choice available, ladies' particular models do exist, and for most female recreational skiers, the ladies' variants are a great decision to make you slide on the snow. On the off chance that you are bigger, more grounded, or significantly more forceful than the normal woman, you might need to run with a unisex model.

Interesting points When Choosing Your Skis

Aptitude Level

You should evaluate your ability level reasonably before picking your ski. In the event that you get one that is excessively best in class for you, the fun factor will go appropriate out the window. In the event that you get one that is excessively novice, you will get exhausted and not have the capacity to go into the territory you need to go into.

Apprentice/Intermediate: Are regardless you taking a shot at your pizza to french sear progress? Do you adhere to the green circles and are chipping away at blue squares? You should search for models with a milder flex, skinner abdomen, and on the short side long. A ski with some rocker may help make turns less demanding.

Middle of the road/Advanced: Are you taking a shot at getting down those dark precious stone runs and beginning to wander off-piste and into the powder? You might pick up certainty at speed on prepped or more extreme runs. Consider a model that has more midriff width, medium firmness, and is somewhat more. A rockered model will enable you to get more buoy and steadiness in the muck.

Propelled/Expert: You voyage with certainty everywhere throughout the mountain. You jump at the chance to charge enormous lines and make progress at higher paces. You are agreeable on knocks, muck, powder, and on piste. You need a hardened ski that is steady at velocities and holds an edge. You might manufacture your quiver, and have a skinner waisted demonstrate for cutting and a fat combine for powder.

Master skiiers will love the Volkl Aura on the precarious and hardpack. You can confide in the Aura to hold an edge and not gab out.

Master skiiers will love the Volkl Aura on the lofty and hardpack. You can confide in the Aura to hold an edge and not jabber out.


What length to pick is an entangled inquiry, with no unmistakable answer. Consider your capacity and the velocities you incline toward; the more able you are and the quicker you get a kick out of the chance to go, by and large, the more drawn out a ski you need — to a point. A decent general guideline for length is the point at which you stand the ski with the tail on the ground, it should reach anyplace between your button to the highest point of your head. On the off chance that you are a tenderfoot or middle of the road skier, go for around the button stature, as shorter models are simpler to turn.

On the off chance that you are a specialist skier you may need a ski that achieves the highest point of your head, or even over your head. The confounding variable with most current outlines, particularly in the all-mountain class, is that they frequently accompany a great deal of rocker, which implies there is less effective edge contacting the snow, so they feel shorter and are less demanding to move, regardless of whether they are longer generally. In the event that the model you are buying has rocker, you might need to knock up a length from what you ordinarily would purchase.

Rocker Profile

In the event that you take a gander at your ski from the side in profile, does it resemble a smiley confront or an out of control mustache? Rocker, or invert camber, is how much the tip and tail raises off the snow when it sits on the ground, un-weighted.

Camber, which has been utilized in ski outline for quite a while, is the thing that gives control in the turns and edge hold, and is utilized liberally in cutting particular models. The measure of camber can be seen when the ski is on the ground un-weighted. The point where the camber contacts the snow or ground is the length of its successful edge.

There are four profiles that are generally normal:

Full Camber: Historically, most models were full camber. This implies they have a vast bend underneath where the ski does not contact the snow until near the tip and tail. Many cutting and hustling models are still completely cambered for incredible edge hold and soundness at speed.

Full Rocker: This is the invert of camber, and makes a slight U shape from tip to tail. Completely rockered models ordinarily have awesome buoy in powder on the grounds that their misrepresented tip and tail lift enable you to remain over the snow without breaking a sweat. Completely rockered models are likewise simple to move since they have almost no compelling edge thus they turn on a dime. You will discover full rocker in stop and all-mountain models and in most powder renditions. The Volkl Aura is the main item in this audit has full rocker.

Rocker/Camber: This is when rocker is included the tip yet at the same time has camber underneath. The benefit of tip rocker is that it makes it more flexible — it has more buoy, a shorter viable edge, and is simpler to turn, yet at the same time has camber underneath for included power and strength in turns when at higher rates. These skis have no rocker in the tail, or, in other words except if you're landing turn off bluff drops into powder (which we weren't). The Head Great Joy and the Icelantic Oracle 88 both have a rocker/camber profile.

The Atomic Elysian's rocker camber rocker profile made it a fun ski in delicate snow giving a lot of buoy.

The Atomic Elysian's rocker, camber, rocker profile made it a fun ski in delicate snow, giving a lot of buoy.

Rocker/Camber/Rocker: This profile is by all accounts the most prominent among the all-mountain models we tried, and is similarly as it sounds: rocker in the tip, camber underneath, and rocker in the tail. This profile gives the ski included fun loving nature and buoy and still has the advantages of camber underneath. The tail rocker, notwithstanding enabling you to arrive precipice drops switch in powder (if that is your thing), appears to add some luxuriousness to the back of the ski and take into consideration all the more effortlessly spread turns in the crisp stuff. Each and every other model we tried has this profile — the Rossignol Soul 7 HD W, the Elan Ripsticks 94, the Blizzard Black Pearl 98, the Dynastar Legend W 96, the K2 FulLuvit*, the Atomic WMN Vantage 95 C, and the Volkl 90Eight. The Elans take the rocker/camber/rocker thought another above and beyond, with their Amphibio profile. It's difficult to fold your psyche over at first, yet the Ripsticks have a devoted left and right ski; within edge (the one you're constraining and depending on for edge hold) has normal camber for grasp and solidness, while the outside edge has more rocker additionally once again from the tip and tail trying to give a smoother turn progress and absolution.

Lamentably, there is no industry standard for estimating or qualifying how much rocker a ski has. Both the Rossignol Soul 7 and the Volkl 90Eights have rocker/camber/rocker profiles, however the measure of rocker changes extraordinarily. The Rossignol has heaps of rocker and are anything but difficult to move, though the Volkl did not, and we discovered them substantially more hard to turn. A few makers will give a level of rocker versus camber like 30 percent tip and tail rocker, 70 percent camber, yet we observe these numbers to be completely abstract too.


Contingent upon your necessities on the slants, shape can play an imperative factor in how your ski performs. Midsection width, sidecut, and turn span all decide the conduct of your ski, and can either supplement or battle your style.

Sidecut: This is the general state of your ski. The midriff measurements in respect to the tip and tail will decide the sidecut. Once in a while we simply call this the shape. The more sidecut, or the bigger the distinction in midsection versus tip as well as tail estimations, the carvier and more turny it will be. When it has a great deal of sidecut, you will have the capacity to get on your edges less demanding, and once you get anxious, whatever is left of the work is improved the situation you. With less sidecut, the ski should be driven more and inclines toward more extensive turns — this is less demanding to improve the situation further developed skiers. The Head Great Joy have the most sidecut in this survey, with the measurements of 141-98-124 individually, making them the best models in our armada for on-piste cutting. The Volkl Aura has minimal measure of sidecut at 132-100-118, and hence take additionally driving in tight turns.

We have some good times railing tight smart turns on the Great Joys and think they are the best of the group for cutting.

We have a great time railing tight smart turns on the Great Joys and think they are the best of the pack for cutting.

Abdomen width: This decides how wide the ski is underneath, or, in other words the center or where the ties are. The more extensive the midriff, the more buoy you will have in powder, and the skinner, the simpler it is to turn. The all-mountain models in this survey have midsection widths going from 88 mm-106 mm. On-piste cutting models regularly have a skinner midriff width of 85 mm or less, and powder forms ordinarily begin at 110 mm or more noteworthy.

Turn Radius: Turn span is intended to imply the regular turn shape and size of a ski, were it to be permitted to turn alone without the driver having a say in when and where they needed to go. The turn range is controlled by its shape and sidecut. Commonly the more critical the sidecut, the shorter the turn sweep is. For instance, the Head Great Joy has an emotional sidecut and the turn sweep is 15.3 M, while the Volkl Aura has barely any sidecut and the turn range is 21.5 M. In the event that you like tight, lively turns, pick a model with a little turn range. On the off chance that you like huge, flowy turns, at that point select a bigger one. You will be considerably more joyful in the event that you figure out what the turn sweep is and endeavor to make turns that work with those parameters.

Ski Construction

It is vital to get comfortable with the diverse kinds of development and materials so you can choose the best equalization of value versus spending plan. Here we plot the run of the mill development composes and segments of a ski. As you may envision, there are such a significant number of sorts of materials out there, and changing conclusions about every one. We are simply giving an outline to comprehension.

Center: This is the meat and potatoes of the ski and what give it its flex and character. There have been numerous prevailing fashion materials used to make centers, yet wood is the work of art and most dependable material. Most makers utilize a blend of various sorts of hardwood in various parts of its item. Wood is the favored center material as a result of its damping properties and bounce back, yet is generally the most costly. The majority of the items we tried have wood centers of some sort. Other center materials are regularly produced using some sort of froth or froth and wood combo. Froth is more affordable and lighter weight, yet doesn't give as much bounce back.

Composite Layers: These are the various materials that go into a ski beneath and over the center and can comprise of anything from fiberglass and epoxy to carbon. These layers add to the firmness and stick everything together and we have been seeing an expansion in the quantity of on-slope skis that have carbon in them for expanded unbending nature and torsional pressure like the Blizzard Black Pearl.

Base: The base is precisely that — the base. Bases need to slide well on snow, yet they likewise get destroyed from running over rocks and ice. Makers utilize ultra-high-atomic weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) for base materials, and bases are generally just around 1.5 mm thick. There are two different ways of making the base: sintered and expelled. The sintered strategy is regularly found on top of the line models. It is harder and acknowledges wax better. Expelled is the exact inverse. It is trying to discover what base compose your ski has except if you contact the producer straightforwardly and inquire.

The old Blizzard Samba had a full sidewall development as does the new Blizzard Black Pearl 98. Sidewall development as far as anyone knows builds edge hold and steadiness however expands the heaviness of the ski.

The old Blizzard Samba had a full sidewall development, as does the new Blizzard Black Pearl 98. Sidewall development evidently expands edge hold and steadiness, yet builds the heaviness of the ski.

Sidewalls: There are two principle kinds of development for around the edges of your skis: sidewall or top. Sidewall or "sandwich" development utilizes an additional bit of plastic that runs the length from tip to tail along the edge with the best sheet to finish everything and the construct and edge in light of the base. Top development folds the best sheet around the best edge, folding around the sides and getting together with the base edge like it's wearing a top. Sidewall development is by all accounts the favored strategy in top of the line models, and the vast majority trust it is a higher performing development in light of the fact that the edges have better hold and the gentler bit of plastic appears to have hosing characteristics.

We have seen amid our testing that sidewall development is by all accounts more strong than top and that the top models in our audit appear to get more chips in their best sheet. It is very basic to see a cross breed top/sandwich development nowadays. This development has the sidewall underneath for execution yet is topped at the tip and tail to decrease weight and cost.

The old Atomic Vantage Elysian has a blend of sidewall and top development; the sidewall under the authoritative for included edge control and the top on the tip and tail for weight and cost funds.

The old Atomic Vantage Elysian has a blend of sidewall and top development; the sidewall under the official for included edge control and the top on the tip and tail for weight and cost reserve funds.

Topsheets: These are what at first attracts us to the ski — and gladly shows the maker's illustrations. The best sheet is generally made of plastic and is the waterproof layer that secures whatever is left of the ski.

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